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Certified Organic Chicken

Our birds are raised in chicken tractors that are moved daily to clean, fresh lush organic pastures, and they are fed 100% certified organic, locally grown grains from Engelbert Farms. In the summer of 2019 we opened our very own NYS-5A poultry processing facility. We process all of our own poultry and also provide the service to other farms and individuals.

Ground Chicken

This is a one pound package of ground chicken. Use ground chicken in place of any ground meat that a recipe calls for!

Boneless Breast

This is a four pack of boneless skinless chicken breast. These are great for a family or that meal prepper! Use and...

Chicken Tenders

This is a pack of chicken tenders. They are great to use in stir fry recipes or to bread them and bake! Our personal...

Bone In Breast

This is a package of one bone in breast. This is great to grill or bake. The bone in breast is our personal favorite...

Leg Quarters

This is a package of two leg quarters. The leg quarter consists of the drumstick and thigh attached instead of...


This is a pack of four bone in thighs. These are great for a family or that meal prepper! Cook to desired perfection!


This is a six pack of drumsticks. These are great for a family or for that someone who loves dark meat!


This is a package of a dozen wings, cook and add your favorite sauce!

Chicken Spiedies

We make our own spiedies using a family recipe that has been passed down! You will find this at all of our cookouts...

Chicken Necks

This is a package of chicken necks.

Chicken Hearts

This is a pack of chicken hearts

Chicken Feet

This is a pack of chicken feet.

Chicken Bones

This is a bulk pack of chicken bones/carcasses. These are good for boiling down and making bone broth/stock.

Chicken Bone Broth

This broth is made with our chicken bones and is simmered for 24 hours!

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